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I help you move from a feeling of low self esteem, poor self perception and daily overwhelm; to a place of confidence and positive action.
Life events and changes can lead to critical self talk and a deep inability to be your true self.

Feeling ‘stuck’ or that you’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way is such a common problem.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You have the power to change your future.

Weight worries, becoming a parent, poor health and relationship worries are all examples of life events and changes that can affect your self perception and confidence levels.

So why are you still feeling this way?

If you feel weighed down with overwhelm and a lack of focus, then give me a call on +44 7944 811939

I work with people all over the world who are ready to take transformational steps to becoming their true selves, and gain access to life opportunities.

My approach to coaching will transform your way of thinking; bringing you to a place of positive action and access to a happier life.

I have helped hundreds of people deal with a diverse spectrum of self esteem challenges; all impacting their well being and ability to embrace life and opportunity.

So what about you?

Are you still hiding the real you?!


If you’re reading this then you’ve already starting to welcome a positive change so we should talk.

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If you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone and are committed to making transformational, positive changes I’m ready to help you.

You’ll come to me for honesty

You’ll come to me for accountability!!

We’ll delve deep into your ‘why’


Is this resonating with you?


Scroll down to see how you can change your future.

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Why Choose Coaching?

Coaching is often misunderstood as therapy or counselling.

They’re not the same thing!


Coaching helps you reach your highest potential and be your best self.

You’ll stop listening to that critical voice and start each day with a plan.

When you work with me we’ll dig deep behind the negative self talk and the lies you tell yourself all the time!

We’ll dig under the surface to find your real dreams and aspirations and you’ll learn that you have the power to make them a reality and the ability to become the most authentic version of yourself.


If you’re still here then let’s talk.

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Let’s get a date in the diary to see whether there’s a match between us.

I only ask that you bring your whole self to that meeting.

Your Why?

If any of the following challenges apply to you then you're in the right place!


Your weight is a challenge

You've recently become a parent

You have or have had a physical/mental illness

You have a background of negative reinforcement

You’re job hunting or returning to work

You’re lacking in the confidence to progress at work


You just feel negative about yourself!


You already feel that you’d benefit from coaching or you wouldn’t be here and I’m excited for future you!


I have 25+ years of experience working with both women and men in the training and personal development sector which has led to the development of my unique approach to coaching today.

This has resulted in some fabulous & life changing transformations.

Take your First Step!

Before anything else let’s book a call.

During that call, we will dive deep into your dreams and worries; outlining how we can work together.


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I only ask that you bring your authentic self and honest voice to that meeting.


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Jane Pangbourne Body Positivity Coach

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