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Known as Mrs Positivity, Jane is a body positivity and confidence coach, supporting and guiding those with a poor self perception and low self esteem, to a place of positive action and a happier life with access to opportunities.

Jane mentors on a wide variety of self esteem challenges including those living with cancer & other long term illness, or the after effects of treatment, plus the impact of the menopause on physical and mental well being. She is a qualified adult mentor with over 30 years experience of supporting people; working with nutritionists and clinical experts to provide a unique service of practical and positive support for her clients.

As the founder of ' The Women's Body Positivity Network' on Facebook. Jane offers regular, free support and a real view of how to live your most positive life.


Body Positive

If you feel weighed down with other people’s expectations of you then you’re in the right place!

Keep scrolling and reading … your body will thank you for it.

Feeling that you’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way is such a common problem but…

It really doesn’t have to be like that!

Weight worries, childbirth, poor health and the menopause are all examples of life events and changes that affect our self perception and confidence levels.


Think Positive

Are you ready for change?

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Jane says:

I’m a very practical person with a no nonsense approach to the guidance I offer.

You won’t come to me to manifest or mediate, but you WILL come to me for practical and honest advice & development tools with a caring and empathetic edge.

Consider me to be that honest best friend who always has your back”


Is this resonating with you?

Download my ‘5 Proven Ways to Build your Self Esteem’ to get you rolling and scroll down to see how we can work together. x

Download 5 Proven Ways To Build Your Self Esteem

What is Body Positivity anyway?!

So many of us feel anxious and overwhelmed by 'perceived' judgments from others.

Body Positivity is an often misunderstood term covering so many areas of our lives but I use it as an overarching term to describe my passion for guiding you through the wide variety of areas contributing to your self-esteem, self-perception and ability to become the most authentic version of yourself.

It's most definitely not just about size or clothes, but it is about acceptance of the real you and your individuality.

A large percentage of my clients are slim, so body positivity isn’t just for the curvy!

Suffering self-esteem issues isn’t dependent on size, weight, shape or age; but it is everything to do with self-perception.

My own experiences are clear evidence that we can be our best selves by learning to love who we are right now and my coaching services have empowered both curvy and slim clients all over the world, to embrace their individuality; whilst enabling them to take steps to achieve their personal and career goals.

Why Body Positivity Coaching is for you?

If you’ve read this far you probably already feel that you’d benefit from some support but here are a few lines on why I can help you.


At over 50+ years old I’ve had my own share of life's ups and downs so, a few years ago I decided to develop more control of my life and my own self-perception.




I have 30+ years' experience of working with both women and men in the training and personal development sector which has led to the development of my unique approach to mentoring and coaching today.

This has resulted in some fabulous & life changing transformations.


If any of the following challenges apply to you then you're in the right place!

  • Your weight is a challenge
  • You've recently become a mum
  • You’ve had a physical or mental illness
  • You have a background of negative reinforcement
  • You have so many clothes but still nothing to wear!
  • You’re peri or post menopausal
  • You’re job hunting or returning to work
  • You’re lacking in the confidence to progress at your business

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I want to hear how you feel to make sure you have the best advice for your needs.

You'll soon realise how unique and lovely you are and you'll learn what you can do to feel great every day.


When you work with me you'll receive practical and just darn lovely support, advice and tools to use.

My coaching sessions tackle a wide range of confidence issues and challenges which are easily adapted to your own situation and lifestyle.


Joining my FREE Facebook group is your access to a community of lovely ladies.

You'll receive free tools, motivation and advice to support your journey back to yourself so

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In the Media:


Jane has been featured in numerous publications and on Radio 5 Live as their guest body positivity expert.

See Jane featured in:

Woman & Woman’s Own – Top Sante – In the Moment Magazine – Amazing you Magazine – Soul & Spirit Magazine  – The Health Triangle and Hertfordshire Life