Do I really have to wear the LBD

Do I really have to wear the LBD?

Do I really have to wear the LBD?

Ah yes… Christmas is here again and with it comes the pressure to find that killer dress for the oodles of parties and of course Christmas day!

In the panic to impress your friends, family and colleagues, it’s worth remembering that there is only one YOU and you are expert at being you. No one else comes close!

We can’t help but be influenced by those around us but, just for a change why not break a few rules and learn to embrace your individuality?


The little black dress (LBD) is an interesting one: Does black even suit your colouring? Or are you more of a vampish red?!


Maybe you even want to steer away from Christmas reds and blacks altogether?! (and that’s ok – If you need permission then consider this to be it!)

Dressing to suit your style and personality will be so much better for your self-esteem, whilst being comfortable has to be a priority too.

If you really need rules for dressing, then make up your own along the way and stick to those. Your self-perception and body image will thank you for it.

Consider altering last year’s dress to make it ‘uniquely you’.

I’m most certainly not a skilled seamstress myself, so I have been known to invest a small amount in having a dress professionally altered, but I do love a new look for almost no investment!

My ‘go to’ additions are jewellery, scarves and belts (buy from second hand boutiques if you want to be really shopping savvy and kind to the environment) OR splash out on a new pair of shoes to successfully transform an outfit into something that screams uniquely YOU! Don’t worry whether people will judge you or whether you’re ‘too old’ or ‘too big’ to wear something – Just consider the following 5 questions:

1. Does it fit you?

2. Are you comfortable in it?

3. Is it a colour/pattern/style that suits your individuality?

4. Do you feel the best version of you when you put it on?

5. Do you immediately like what you see in the mirror? (before you’ve had time to judge yourself negatively)


If you answered ‘no’ to any of these then step away from the dress! Another is waiting to serve you well.

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