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It’s a bit of a trend right now and I expect a lot of people are feeling quite overwhelmed and let’s be honest, pretty confused by the whole thing!

There is A LOT about it in the media, but I’m going to stick my neck out and say that I was banging on about this topic long before it became fashionable!

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you’ll have the measure of me. I am a totally practical positivity advocate so I approach all problems/issues and challenges with the aim of getting to the heart of the issue vey quickly, then finding a way to flip the negative feelings and behaviours into more positive ones.

I can make a positive out of most situations and so far, I have done so out of every situation I have had to address – including bereavement.

However, you may NOT know that positivity isn’t my natural default setting – Many of my clients and those around me would be surprised to read that – but in reality I’m a bit of a ‘glass half empty’ type of person by nature.

It has taken me a lot of work to change that attitude but I can wholeheartedly recommend the more positive approach if you want to have some powerful tools in your kit to be able to cope with whatever life throws your way.

Anyhoo… I’m waffling! – The point of this short blog is to outline something, to help you understand how to start making those changes, by grasping how you came to feel as you do (Don’t worry – it’s short and to the point!)

You’ll have noticed that the title of this blog is ‘Extend your Jar’ which is super confusing of course.

So here it is in proper words that make sense:

I was watching an expert Psychologist on T.V the other day, discussing the topic of depression, and she gave a fabulous analogy which clearly demonstrated the process of avoiding or dealing with depression, which I LOVED! so I’m sharing it with you here.

Imagine your life is a jar

Imagine your jar is filled a little bit with your genetic make up – You can’t change this – it’s who you are

Now imagine the jar being filled with your life experiences (good and bad). Its getting very full now!

Your life experiences are also set – they happened and they can’t be changed once they have been experienced.

Your jar could be filling up with lovely things like marriage, becoming a parent, passing your driving test or spending time with people you love.

It could also be filling with less positive experiences such as illness, bereavement, negative people or failing a test or exam.

Now consider this!

We can’t change our genetics and we can’t change our life experiences, and sometimes this results in our jar becoming too full so all those experiences and that genetic stuff are in danger of spilling over into overwhelm, depression or anxiety because we can’t even keep the lid on our life jar any longer.



Now comes the easy to understand solution ….

You can ‘Extend your Jar’ adding on top of your jar with the things that make you feel happy, motivated and generally positive.

As you extend your jar, you are making it bigger and more able to take the extra life experiences as they are added to your life jar because your life jar is bigger now!

The extensions will be different for everyone: exercising, socialising, reading, writing, travel etc…

Extending your jar hasn’t made the overwhelm of experiences disappear – That’s not possible as they have happened already.. but it has allowed you to fit them into your brain more easily.

It has also given you more space to accommodate further experiences without your jar overflowing (overwhelm) and in time the reduced stress will allow you to make more proactive decisions to prevent negativity entering your mind and life.

If you want to book a call to start to get your head around how to extend your own jar then

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(No jars will be necessary for your appointment!)


Jane Pangbourne

Jane x

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